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Take a Shot at Happiness:
how to Write, Direct &
Produce the Life You Want

Take a Shot at Happiness is more than a book. It is more than a change in perspective. It is a consciously chosen way of life, making you its true writer, producer, and director.

About the Book

    On a steamy jungle island in the middle of the South China Sea, the most popular television show is about to come to its shocking conclusion. A small television stage lit by tiki torches illuminates a show host, a jury of seven contestants sitting on tree stumps, and the final two runners-up for a million dollars. It was season one of CBS’ competition show, Survivor, one of the longest-running unscripted series. Maria Baltazzi was one of the original supervising producers.

    Those Survivor contestants were stripped of everything except their wits and each other to survive on a beach while trying to win a life-changing cash prize. Only then could they witness their true selves and the potential of others—good or bad—something that always stuck with Maria. So, taking a page from that experience, Maria realized she could only see her true self if she took the time to strip off the negativity, pay closer attention to her actions, and ask some tough questions about what she wanted. This book is Maria’s insights about being happy learned from her time in the entertainment industry, observing people and events, traveling, and studying wellbeing. Within these pages is a practical guide for a creative path to happiness through taking photographs with your camera phone, journaling about things that matter, and being part of a supportive community.

     You can create a healthier state of being and have fun doing it. Even when your world turns upside down, you can still be the writer, producer, and director of the life you desire.


A Bit About Me

Happiness Explorer Maria Baltazzi helps you become happier and live more consciously. Maria’s experience as an Emmy-winning TV producer, wellbeing teacher, world traveler, and travel designer specializing in transformative adventures gives her a unique lens into conscious living. Sharing eight Happiness Essentials, Maria helps you discover your path to happiness in a fun, creative way that combines journaling and phone photography. With an MFA in film and a PhD in Conscious-Centered Living, Maria’s adventurous and giving spirit that include epic treks and charity walks on all seven continents, makes her an inspiration for living your best life.

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